The more I think about it, the more I realize there is nothing more artistic than to love others. (Vincent Van Gogh)
Vincent G. Stiepevich (1841-1910) - A Reclining Beauty
Georgios Iakovidis (1853 - 1932) - Spring
Maria Cristina Baracchi Italian painter figurative, expressing their emotions
Johanna Harmon
Salvador Dali (1910-1983) -  Remorse or Sphinx Embedded in the Sand, 1931
Isobel Lilian Gloag (British, 1868 - 1917), A Legend of Florence
Franz Russ (1844-1906) - Leda with Swan
Spanish Girl - Ken Hamilton
Silence, Waterfall and Forest - Arthur Bowen Davies, 20th century
Karel Van Belle
Fidel Garcia
Chimere - George Jules Victor Clairin
Salomé - Jean-Jacques Henner
Pietro Annigoni - Portrait of Juanita Forbes
Luc-Olivier Merson - La Vision, Légende du 14e Siècle (Detail)